Puppy Classes and Group Training

Puppy and group classes provide a great environment for learning whilst in the presence of other people and dogs. 

Puppy - Pet Care and Dog Training & Behaviour Services Christchurch

Our classes

The skills and socialisation learnt in these classes will help with day-to-day tasks as well as set your dogs up for success going forward.

Puppy Classes Christchurch

Puppy Preschool Socialisation

  • 4 week course
  • 8-14 weeks of age
Puppies have a critical socialisation period which unfortunately falls amongst vaccinations so we bring pups together in a safe environment to expose them to other pups. Bring your questions along because you will also learn a lot about a pup’s health and behaviour needs. $160
Puppy Classes Christchurch

Teen Pups Training Class

  • 5 week course
  • 4-18 months

Our super popular classes include general obedience and manners; what I believe are foundation behaviours that every dog should know. The group environment not only provides socialisation but also teaches your pups to listen and respond in these social environments.


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Games Based Training Class

  • 6 week course
  • All ages

In our games based training class we cover things like being calm, being close and managing distractions through the power of playing games. Designed for pups and dogs of all ages, although foundation training recommended. Fuelled by the Absolute Dogs academy, these mini-games are all useful in many ‘real-life’ situations.


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Reactive Dog Classes

This class is designed to build you and your dog’s confidence through ‘in-the-moment’ training. It will provide you with the tools to use in those times where you may currently feel a little lost.

The class environment is equipped with barriers to ensure each dog is challenged but not pushed too far. Run by out in-house behaviourist, these small, group classes provided a controlled space for you to put it all to use.


If group classes don't suit, private training sessions and behavioural consults are available for pups and dogs of all ages!

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Class Locations

Halswell Quarry

Kennedy's Bush Road, Halswell, Christchurch 8025

Outside Venue, Classes are held from October - March only.

St Albans Community Centre

1049 Colombo Street, St Albans, Christchurch 8014

Inside Venue - Classes are held all year around.


Teen Pups Classes

Start date  Location  Time
Tuesday 23rd January 2024 Halswell Quarry 6:00 PM
Wednesday 24th January 2024  St Albans Community Centre 6:00 PM

Games Based Training Classes

Start dateLocationTime
Wednesday 17th January 2024The Vines Club 7:00 PM

Puppy Preschool Classes

Start dateLocationTime

Thursday 1st February 2024

St Albans Community Centre6:30 PM

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